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Volume Doesn't Determine Effectiveness #audioedit

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Volume Doesn't Determine Effectiveness #audioedit
Volume Doesn't Determine Effectiveness #audioedit image
In this video, Sandy shares how genuine impact and effectiveness in God's Kingdom are not measured by the loudness or quantity of our actions, but by the quality and authenticity of our faith and service.
0:00 - Introduction: Volume vs. Stillness in God's Kingdom
0:24 - Importance of Stillness
0:32 - God's Movement in Stillness
0:44 - Being Bold without Being Loud
1:06 - Unlearning the Habit of Loudness
1:16 - God's Timing and Effectiveness
1:39 - Apostle Paul's Teaching on Love
2:01 - Example from War Strategies
2:45 - Importance of Strategy over Volume
3:05 - Effectiveness in the Kingdom: Heart Posture
3:31 - Quietness and True Effectiveness
3:45 - Being Loud with the Right Heart Posture
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Thank you for watching! Remember, in God's Kingdom, it's not about how loud or how much we do, but how faithfully and genuinely we live out our calling. God bless!
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