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Truth In Love ❤️‍🔥
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Not that long ago I warned a Pastor about how the spirit of Jezebel entered their church and what would happen if it’s not uprooted. I wasn’t nasty when I said it. I wasn’t angry when I said it. But I was very stern and serious in all the details I was led by God to share. At the end of this private conversation— this person looked at me, with a smile, and said “Wow! You’re so brave.”
I walked away from this conversation at peace knowing that what I said wasn’t received and that this person wasn’t going to listen. The reason: My only responsibility was to warn. So the blood wasn’t going to be on my hands.
It was the first time I actually released the word of the Lord without any fear of being put out and ostracized. God used this particular church to sharpen my gifts in such a short amount of time.
Although I prayed that he would take heed … God’s word that I shared with this person did come to pass.
All of us can learn how to tell people the Truth as led by God without taking on the responsibility of the decisions they make after we do so.
We can pray for people to take heed to God’s word but if they don’t — it’s on them.
Our responsibility is not the same as God’s responsibility. You’ll be less likely to people please when you understand this.
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