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Episode 2: Wrestled Up
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Episode 2: Wrestled Up


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In the video, Sandy reflects on the importance of applying scripture personally, emphasizing Ephesians 6:12 about spiritual warfare. She shares her own battle with depression, explaining that deliverance involves overcoming mental oppression. Sandy highlights the significance of wrestling against spiritual forces by taking authority over negative thoughts. She encourages viewers to be proactive in cutting off the influence of lies and maintaining the mind of Christ. Finally, Sandy concludes with a prayer for strength and victory in these spiritual battles.
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0:00 - Introduction and personal reflection
0:35 - Ephesians 6:12 and context
1:18 - Wrestling against spiritual forces
2:00 - Meaning of "wrestle" in scripture
2:19 - Personal testimony of overcoming depression
3:01 - Proverbs 12:25 and biblical perspective on depression
4:02 - Anxiety and depression in a biblical context
4:40 - The voice of depression and spiritual oppression
5:40 - Job 20:2 and divided opinions
6:00 - Contest between two kingdoms
7:02 - High places and spiritual battles
7:50 - Exaggerations and imposing thoughts
8:50 - Strategies for wrestling against spiritual forces
9:50 - Taking authority and casting down thoughts
11:00 - Wrestling as a spiritual contest
12:10 - Cutting off the voice of lies
12:50 - Final prayer and encouragement