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Episode 1: Living in His Yoke
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Episode 1: Living in His Yoke


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In this episode, Sandy emphasizes the importance of living under God's guidance and relying on the Holy Spirit to navigate life, as without it, believers struggle against their sinful nature. Daily submission of oneโ€™s flesh is necessary, following Apostle Paulโ€™s example of disciplining the body to align with God's will. Jesus' teachings highlight the potential for believers to do greater works and live a sin-free life through Him. Acts 5:1-11 illustrates the consequences of deceit and the importance of integrity with God. Overall, the message stresses honesty with God, addressing root issues in the heart, and the essential role of the Holy Spirit in living a righteous life.
0:00 - Living in the Yoke of God
0:17 - Children of God vs. Children of the Devil
0:30 - The Importance of the Holy Spirit
1:00 - Submitting Our Flesh to the Lord
1:45 - The Problem of Sin and the Fall of Man
2:26 - Jesus as the Foundation for Our Lives
3:06 - Living a Sinless Life through Jesus
3:34 - Studying the Word of God for Truth
4:00 - Lying to the Holy Spirit
5:02 - Surface-Level Confessions to God
6:10 - Addressing Root Issues before God
7:06 - Genuine Vulnerability with God
8:07 - Loving God through Honesty and Vulnerability
9:08 - Acts Chapter 5: Ananias and Sapphira
10:57 - Leaning on Our Own Understanding
12:48 - Spiritual Death vs. Physical Death
13:27 - Worshiping God to Overcome Lust
14:53 - Laziness and Passivity as Hindrances to Breakthrough
16:00 - Crucifying the Flesh Daily
17:12 - The Importance of the Holy Ghost
18:02 - The Holy Spirit as a Person
19:01 - Addressing Unforgiveness and Idolatry
20:05 - Idolatry in Our Lives
21:28 - Unforgiveness as Idolatry
22:05 - Letting Go of Control and Idolatry
23:18 - Spiritual House Cleaning
24:04 - Open Doors to Sin
25:53 - Repentance and Forgiveness
27:01 - Confessing Hurt and Trauma
27:57 - Inner Healing Process
28:44 - Dealing with Offense Immediately
30:12 - Open Heart Surgery with God
31:00 - Deliverance through Knowledge and Revelation
31:24 - Honesty and Addressing Issues with God
33:04 - Immediate Freedom from Offense
34:12 - Crucifying the Flesh with the Holy Ghost
35:01 - Desperately Wicked Heart without God
36:11 - Dependence on the Holy Spirit for Goodness
36:47 - Difference between Christians and Unbelievers
37:32 - The Necessity of the Holy Ghost for Christians
38:29 - Living Right through Submission to the Holy Ghost
39:20 - Bearing Fruit through the Spirit
40:09 - Accepting the Whole of God
40:46 - Compromised Christians and a Form of Godliness
41:29 - Being Hearers and Doers of God's Word
42:09 - The Word for the Day: Stop Lying to the Holy Spirit
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